Jack and I have been married since 1984 and for most of that time Jack has been a pastor. We have loved it! We both love to watch how God uses His Word to transform people's lives. We have a married daughter and two grown sons. The Lord has been more than kind in His dealings with our kids in bringing them to salvation and causing them to grow in grace. I love writing and teaching inductive Bible studies, as well as speaking at women's conferences. In 2010 I completed my first book, God’s Priorities for Today’s Woman: Discovering His Plan for You. 

I wrote about how the Lord drew me to Himself in a blog post. Click here to read it! (I hope you'll take time to read it! It's such a wonderful story of God's grace to a poor, lost child.) 

Our family is pictured below at Leah and Bryant's wedding in July 2014. What a glorious day! It was drenched in His mercies. We don't all live in the same area, so it was especially sweet to gather together in Kansas for the wedding.

Bryant and Leah gave us the best Christmas present ever in December 2014! They completely surprised us by arriving right before Christmas. It was such a kindness of the Lord to have all my kidlins together. The icing on the cake was that my mom, who was also with us for Christmas, got to be there for all the fun!