Jesus, My Savior, Look On Me

Poetry speaks to the soul in a way prose never can. Let the words from this hymn minister to your heart as they have mine. 

Jesus, My Savior, Look on Me

By John R.Macduff, 1853


Jesus, my Savior! Look on me,

For I am weary and oppressed;

I come to cast myself on Thee:

Thou art my Rest.


Look down on me, for I am weak,

I feel the toilsome journey’s length;

Thine aid omnipotent I seek:

Thou art my Strength.


I am bewildered on my way,

Dark and tempestuous is the night;

Oh, send Thou forth some cheering ray:

Thou art my Light.


When Satan flings his fiery darts,

I look to Thee; my terrors cease;

Thy Cross a hiding-place imparts:

Thou art my Peace.


Thou wilt my every want supply,

E’en to the end, whate’er befall;

Through life, in death, eternally,

Thou art my All.


"O You whose wisdom guides my way.

Though now it seem severe.

Forbid my unbelief to say,

'There is no wisdom here.'


Lord, If You bend my spirit low,

Love only I shall see

The very hand that strikes the blow

Was wounded once for me."