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Richard Powell, Pastor at Grace Bible Church, Fair Oaks, CA     
            The defining of what a Christian woman should be like in the twenty-first century is biblically described in this gem of a book. The author divided this book into three sections with the middle sections covering the heart of a woman’s character. The three sections are: The Call to Follow God’s Priorities, The Art of Following God’s Priorities, and The Purpose of Following God’s Priorities. The main text the writer plunges into is Titus 2:3-5 but she also uses Proverbs 31as she unfolds the priorities of the home for a woman. Each chapter is laid out like a sermon. There is a consistent real life connecting introduction followed by the body of material she unfolds and concludes with practical ways to implement what was discussed. She also adds discussion and review questions for personal or small group interaction.
             The publisher did a wonderful job in laying out each chapter so it is easily readable and helpful for the reader. The bold print headings make it easy for the reader in seeing what is going to be covered. The subheadings help define the destination of the development of the subject matter. They are a huge plus in the outlaying of the book.
             The content of the book itself is rare because it is theological, expositional, highly practical, and designed for mentoring younger women. This is a rarity in Christian books that are written for women today. As one reads the pages of this book, there is a sense of security and trust that envelops you because you know what is written is not based on feelings or certain emotional experiences. The text of Scripture dominates the book. It is vividly clear all Mrs. Hughes cares about is “Thus says the Lord.” The explanations of words in using the original language of Greek and what they mean are priceless and insightful. After you read a chapter it is clear what the author’s point was and how you should apply it. She always is faithful to put feet to her theology in very practical ways. That’s why this book excels many others that have been written over the last few decades.
            In addition, the author uses words pictures to help clarify a word or a theme she is trying to develop. She does an exceptional job of planting images and word pictures in your mind. She realizes the value of making the truth graphic and memorable. My favorite quote was in chapter 11 on purity. As she is calling women to guard their hearts, due to the evil that can come out it, Hughes writes, “If we allow the crude oil of wicked thoughts and immorality to reside in our hearts, then sooner or later the black tar of those thoughts will float to the surface of our heart and take shape in wicked deeds.”  Love it! You’ll find other word pictures like this throughout the book, which helps you see and better understand the discussed subject matter in a fresh and vibrant light.
            I highly recommend this book with a great earnestness and to buy it sooner rather than later. Don’t put it off. You’ll find that it is easy to read, highly biblical, and meant to help the Christian woman love God with all of her heart, soul, mind, and strength. It is one of those rare books in life that as you are reading you feel challenged to obey what is written right away. It is a light to your path. Enjoy the journey of discovering God’s plan for you as a woman and pursue the priorities with a passion.

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God's Priorities for Today's Woman, by Lisa Hughes
I adored this book. To be honest and fair, I was suspicious of it at first. The title, God's Priorities for Today's Woman: Discovering His Plan for You (published by Harvest House Publishers) made me wonder how much this book would be shared through the lens of the modern evangelical feminist. The title was deceptive, as far as I'm concerned, because it isn't a message for Today's Woman. (It is that. But it is also a message for women of the past and women of the future.) Lisa Hughes offers solid Biblical advice, focusing specifically on the following verses:
"[T]he older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things— that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed." Titus 2:3-5
The entire book focuses on these few verses, which are backed with "the priorities" (in relation to the title of the book) that God has for women. I have so many pages bookmarked that I'm not even sure where to start in the discussion of it. As I mentioned, I thought that Hughes was going to focus on the modern woman but she puts these fears to rest right from the get-go.
" . . . [F]requently people dismiss the Bible's commands as being old-fashioned and irrelevant for today. And many women would like to believe God would change His mind if He really knew and understood our modern culture and their personal situations. Yet God truly does know the issues we face. He didn't make any mistakes giving us His word exactly as we have it in our Bibles today. God knew precisely what He wanted to communicate for all time, for our time, and it is recorded in Titus 2:3-5." (Chapter 1, page 19)
 She had me at hello, to put it another way. I find it so disheartening to open books about "today's woman" and hear them trying to suggest that it's hard to apply Biblical truths to our lives because we are so different than the early church. Not so. We're all human with sin issues and we struggle to follow after the commands of Christ. We can try to make excuses but they will not be valid ones. It is better to accept that we are imperfect, that God is perfect, and that His word is God-breathed, useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16) For all time.
Hughes teaches through Titus 2:3-5 in the following chapters (I think listing them will help you best figure out how this book is laid out):
 The Art of Growing in Holiness; The Art of Speaking Pleasant Words; The Art of Self-Control; The Art of Sharing and Seeking Wisdom; The Art of Loving Your Husband; The Art of Loving Your Children; The Art of Living Sensibly; The Art of Pursuing Purity; The Art of Caring for Your Home; The Art of Showing Kindness; The Art of Loving Submission
Every single chapter will cause the reader pain in some form or fashion - which is a good thing. I had my "pet" topics, of course. It is hard to grow in holiness. I don't always like seeking out advice from older women. I don't always love my family effectively. Well, Christianity is HARD WORK! Anyone who says that following after Christ is easy, or that you can expect blessings upon blessings (without any struggles, mind you) is selling you something. It's a tough row to hoe!
But what is the point of all of this, ultimately? Is it to learn how to be a better Christian so that other people will like you? Is it so that you'll develop good habits that will cheer and enthrall those around you? No. It is to bring glory to God. That's why we press onward in the faith, isn't it? To learn more of who God is, what He has called us to and to learn what He has for us and how we might know best how to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.
Naturally, if you pursue these "arts" as listed above, your family will benefit. Your friends will enjoy your company just a little bit more than before. You will be able to set your life priorities and pursue them more wholeheartedly, with less distractions. The closer we grow to Christ, the more we become like Him. The more that we become like Him, the more effective we will be in glorifying Him and enjoying Him.
Hughes speaks wisely and well in God's Priorities for Today's Woman. She is patient and loving, yet firm in her belief that scripture is healthy and good for Christian women of today. Scripture - and its truths - have not changed over time. Rather, it is designed to help instruct and change us and I appreciate Hughes conviction in this.
I highly, highly recommend it and wish I had more time and space to talk about it. I may pick a topic or two on occasion to talk about as the "inspiration strikes" but in the meantime, check out this book!

Reviewed by Christy Murphy: “Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.” Titus 2:3-5
Women today face many responsibilities and expectations. Whether young or old, working out of the home or in the home, single or married, with or without children, each day can present struggles for women as we decide which tasks to accomplish and how to do them. This can be both challenging and frustrating at times. Yet, God’s Word is faithful in teaching us how to prioritize our daily lives.
In her book God’s Priorities For Today’s Woman, Lisa Hughes applies Scriptures to daily practice. Mrs. Hughes covers topics such as personal spiritual growth, loving our husbands and children, and living sensible, self-controlled lives. She guides readers through Titus 2:3-5 phrase by phrase and identifies not only our God-given priorities, but also the attitudes God requires for believers to fulfill those priorities. For example, we are not simply to “do,” but to “look forward” to doing; not just “love,” but to “delight in love.” Along with teaching God’s truth, Mrs. Hughes shares examples from her life as well as from the lives of others. Each chapter includes questions that provoke self-examination such as, “What does the Bible say … Have you thought … Is it necessary … Do you…?” She makes it very easy to understand how we can apply God’s priorities for women each day. “We are His Daughters. Let’s give ourselves to His priorities –for His sake, that the Word of God may not be dishonored. (p 228)”
Any woman, regardless of her stage or circumstance in life will find Lisa Hughes' book to be a helpful resource. Reading this book will cause women to evaluate whether or not they are seeking God’s priorities. Also included at the end of each chapter are helpful study questions which can be used for personal or group studies.

Reviewed by Kara Mia Dexter: God wants His children to be solidly grounded in the truths of His Word so that they can withstand whatever false teaching the world brings their way. Too many Christian women think this will happen by osmosis--that they will somehow “catch it” from growing up in Christian homes or faithfully attending church, but doctrine is something that must be sought out with diligence. Sound doctrine is a training of the mind through the Word and it must be intentional and a priority! Godʼs priorities for us are unchanging and never outdated and we are commanded to know them!
Lisa Hughes helps us understand God's priorities for us in her excellent book about the role and calling of women as revealed in Titus 2:3-5. In the book God’s Priorities For Today’s Woman, she challenges her readers to embrace His priorities as their own for “it’s only when we follow His ways that we experience soul-satisfying comfort, peace, and hope” (p. 7).
The author answers the questions “What are God’s priorities for us anyway and what do they look like in a woman’s life?” by carefully defining and explaining such biblical priorities as living sensibly, pursuing purity, loving submission, and caring for your home, dedicating a chapter to each topic. She emphasizes that establishing a biblical mindset in each of these areas helps govern godly living and challenges our thinking through study questions at the end of each chapter.
Mrs. Hughes reminds us that the lifestyle of a Christian woman (no matter what her age or stage in life) should reflect the Savior in such a way that others, especially her husband and children, are drawn to Christ. Christianity is to be a fragrant aroma to those with whom it comes into contact.
It is a weighty thought to realize that our behavior can glorify God, causing others to imitate and yearn to have that kind of relationship with Him or can dishonor Him by making it appear that Christians are no different than the rest of the world. If we make it the prayer of our hearts that we would live in a way that reflects the Savior, the Spirit of God is able to do a transforming work in every aspect of our life, so that the Word of God will NOT be dishonored (Titus 2:5c).
After reading this book, I find myself loving this important lesson: “As you willingly live out God’s priorities, your life brings honor to the Lord” (p. 224)
If you are a woman who desires to live out God’s priorities in your life, I recommend this short but very insightful book to you! My prayer is for each one of us to live out the purpose of our lives “to give God glory in all we say and do” (p. 224). What an honor! What a joy!

Reviewed by A. Whipple: As women, it can be difficult to understand just what God desires for us when the world teaches us drastically different things. (It can be equally hard to follow His lead, too!) Written by Lisa Hughes, God's Priorities for Today's Woman focuses on Tituse 2:3-5 to teach about God's calling for our lives in regard to characer, relationships, and home.

Women of all ages and stages of life can benefit from her teachings of growing in godly living. God's Priorities for Today's Woman utilizes much of the Bible to teach about godly living, not just the well-known verses of Titus. Also included is a study guide to help the reader dive deeper into God's priorities.

"The world would have us believe that God's ways cannot exist in today's culture, that they are unnecessary and outlandishly archaic. Yet God's priorities for women are neither outdated nor irrelevant. God's purposes for us were created out of His wisdom and love. They are perfect and just right for us no matter who we are or what circumstances we face."
~ Chapter 1, page 12

Personally, I loved this book, despite the way it exposed my sin. Lisa Hughes has a friendly and realistic way of writing and sharing...and yet quite convicting-too convicting at times. So much of my life is not about what it should be. Being a Christian is hard; seeking God and making His priorities mine is even harder.

"You need to fight against neglecting your husband while you see to the needs of the little ones in your home."
~ Chapter 8, page 120

Tough stuff for me, but the author doesn't just say do it, she really does share practical ways to help you to accomplish this.

"The goal of our discipline is to teach our children right from wrong, to instill in them a love for righteousness and a hatred for sin. But that can never be accomplished if we aren't parenting in the fruit of the Spirit."
~ Chapter 9, page 142

Then she goes on to say that we can't obey God and train our children if we are not under control...and that is sin. Oh my.

I read this on my own and then recommended it as a book/Bible study book and am enjoying and learning all over again with a group of ladies.

I just pray that I will allow God to truly use it as a tool in my life to help me get my priorities aligned with God's.